Ordering Parts

Wild Man Industrial builds the Ring of Fire and other products to last. We use stainless steel on all our parts for a long life. However, we know every now and then something may go missing, bend or break. And when that happens, Wild Man is here to replace them. Below are the Ring of Fire replacement parts that are availble upon request. If you need something replaced, please order conveniently on our online store or give us a call at 1.605.254.6133 if you have any questions.

Single Link

Contains (Qty 1) 2.5" ring extension link with heat controlling veigns and hinge pin


Double Link

Contains (Qty 1) 5" ring extension link with a pair of heat controlling veigns and a hinge pin.


End Link

Contains (Qty 1) 1" bracket with slots for clamps and heat shield to terminate the heat rotation and protect gauges and drain ports.


Starter Link

Contains (Qty 1) 5" ring link with slots for clamp and hinge bracket on one side. Link contains heat controlling veins and hinge pin.


Clamps and Pins

Contains (Qty 1) package with 2 extra clamps and 3 extra pins to hold the Ring in place.


Sight glass link

Contains (Qty 1) 5" link extension with heat deflectors to direct heat around and away from sight glass.