The Story behind Wild Man

Wild Man Industrial is an American born company founded by Josh Mulder in 2018. He started the company with the desire to improve the quality and efficiency of his home brewing and wanted to share his ideas and products with his friends in the brewing community. The product that provides the innovation is called the Ring of Fire. The patent pending Ring of Fire is a marriage of engineering and science and is a system of links that direct wasted heat from a traditional burner increasing heat transfer and efficiency when brewing. The Ring of Fire creates faster boil times, increases fuel efficiency, reduces heat loss, creates uniform heat distribution and can be customized to fit any size pot. All products are made from stainless steel for long life and corrosion resistence.

Wild Man Ring of Fire Founder Josh Mulder

The Founder

Josh Mulder is the founder of Wild Man Industrial. While standing around in cold garages and sheds with friends waiting for brew pots to boil, he continuously heard the complaint "this takes too long, why doesn't someone make something to speed this up?" Instead of focusing on how to increase the heat, he used his engineering background to investigate how to reduce heat loss and design a way to control the heat that is already there.

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